What our readers are saying about Letters From Home:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the book though. I found it incredibly engaging and inspiring. It was completely relevant to me – someone who will not have a fulltime missionary child for at least 16 years. After reading this book I feel that it would be too late to read it when your child is on a mission. This book has inspired me to change now."

"I would really love to share this with anyone. This would make an excellent Christmas gift! It draws the reader closer to the Savior and challenges them to be 'excellent '.  I want to give it to my teen daughter before she goes to BYU, not because there is an expectation of her serving a mission, but because the life lessons in this book can apply to all aspects of progression."

"The information in this book came to me just in time.  I needed a push to be a better missionary mom.  I found the encouragement to use the communication during her mission to become closer to my daughter, build on the relationship we already have, and even more--to help both of us come closer to Christ."

"Yes! I have always been a letter writer, and hope to have missionaries soon, my children are 18, 16, 14, 12, 3, and 1. But I have used the letter-writing concept already in preparing a talk on the Sabbath. The skills learned through this book can be applied to so many aspects of my life. I have a cousin, who is not a member of our church, and in prison. I can see how being more authentic in my letter writing to him could have a very positive effect on him over the next seven years."


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