The Love of God

You may receive a letter in which you sense that your missionary is trying to succeed through his or her own talents.  You may sense they have not yet learned to rely on the power of God.  If you do, you have a great opportunity to teach a life-changing lesson about accessing and bathing in the pure love of Christ.

The following story is from a letter my daughter Kristin wrote to me from the MTC:

The Lord blessed me with the most amazing [phone] call.  This guy I was talking to was really cool and funny.  He was a Vietnam Veteran.  He was joking around and then I asked him what prompted him to call for the video.  He got really serious and told me about a motorcycle accident he was in nine years ago.  He was going 110 miles per hour on his Harley when a car cut him off.  He flew into the other lane, fractured his skull, and broke several bones.

He goes, “Kristin, I died that night.  I really died.  And first I saw Satan.  And I won’t use words to describe that experience because I served in 'Nam and it wouldn’t be appropriate, but it was horrible.  And then you know what happened?  I saw Christ about seven inches away from me, looking at me.  Now, I don’t know if you’ve done any drugs or drank or anything, but let me tell you right now: There is no better feeling in the ENTIRE WORLD, or that you can possibly imagine, than standing right next to the Lord.” 

We both just sat there for a moment and I could feel the Spirit everywhere and I said, “You know what?  I believe you.  There is nothing I want more, than to stand next to the Lord one day.  I know that nothing could be better than that feeling.”  We talked some more and he wants the missionaries to come over.  But when he made that statement, I knew there was nothing more than that feeling.  I love the Savior with everything in me.  I just want to be with Him.

In this incident, Kristin feels the love of God.  She indicates that she wants to move toward Jesus Christ, to be with him.  The love of God is the fruit of the tree of life (see 1 Nephi 11:21-23).  When we partake of it, we are filled with happiness.  The gospel is that path upon which we find the iron rod of revelation.  Revelation is the process of uncovering ourselves to the love, light, and knowledge of God. 

If you reflect on and share your own experiences with the love of God, you will teach your missionary what she or he desperately needs. 


Journal Entries:

Write down a story when you felt the love of God fill you.

What can you do to challenge yourself to feel the love of God more in your life?

What story from your life will most bless your missionary?