Clayton Christensen on Letters From Home

"Most of us have framed our weekly letters to our missionaries and family members in far-away places as newsletters. Bob Quinn has framed this weekly ritual differently. By becoming missionaries ourselves, our letters can be written to inspire and motivate our family members to teach each other how to build the Kingdom of God. This is an inspiring book."

Missionary and author of "Everyday Missionaries"


The pain of separation creates a hunger for communication in the missionary and in those who remain behind. An LDS mission is a great opportunity for spiritual growth not only for the missionary, but also for those who stay behind. Learn how to turn a letter into a revelatory document that draws you and your missionary closer to each other and to God. Invite your family members to do the same.


As you read and apply the messages of this book, the pain of separation may transform into joy, and you and your missionary--and your family--will become more unified in Jesus Christ.

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